Forge the Future
Forge the Future
Finding hope in the face of the climate crisis
Emily Atkin
The Climate Optimist
Anne Therese Gennari
The Weekly Climate
Michael Reibel Boesen
Minimum Viable Planet
Sarah Lazarovic
My other projects
Another occasional newsletter I write, charting my attempts to innovate in clean aviation.
The not-a-newsletter part of Forge the Future. This was where it started, but has largely been left fallow for the past year or so.
My day job – the company I'm co-founding to help bring alt proteins to the mass market.
Climate communities
A cool community of climate-focused tech professionals
A community focused on helping people find a route to working on the climate in some fashion.
Climate Science
Climate-centric reporting on science, policy and much more. Excellent, and always thorough.

Forge the Future