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About Forge the Future

Climate Change, or the Climate Crisis, will affect us all, if it isn’t already. However, we’re The planet is being being changed and altered by humans in massive ways. Man-made climate change is on track to raise global temperatures, and destroy the world as we know it. These are trying times, and it's easy to see the problem as too large to fix.

Forge the Future is my attempt to cover climate change as it happens, to help explain what’s going on, and keep everyone informed about what’s going on. There’s also an accompanying site which has a directory of resources on climate change, as well as companies stepping up to the huge task of trying to tackle the problem.

About Oli Hall

I’m an ex-software engineer with experience in startups ranging across broadcasting, fintech and bio-technology. I changed career paths in early 2019 to focus full time on tackling climate change, as I believe it is the most important problem facing humanity right now.