Forge the Future

Forge the Future is a newsletter published every other week by Oli Hall that tries to explore and explain the unfolding climate crisis in all its vast complexity.

Originally, this newsletter was intended to offer a determinedly positive spin on climate change, but has evolved in line with my own views on the topic. Now, it attempts to cover at a high level the myriad complexity of the climate crisis and our global response to it, covering both our collective wins and progress but not looking away from the impacts, particularly on the most vulnerable in society.

I send out climate news digests every other week, along with occasional deep-dives into particular sectors, problems and issues relating to the environment and climate.

It has been pointed out to me the URL can be read as ‘forget the future’, which is rather more bleak than intended, but at this point it’s been that way for long enough I’m leaving it as an easter egg!

Oli Hall

Oli is a recovering software engineer and aspiring climate entrepreneur with a passion for green technology and human nature. Forge the Future is part of their attempts to avoid selling out to the tech giants and work on climate change full time.

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Finding hope in the face of the climate crisis