Forge the Future

Forge the Future is a weekly-ish newsletter by Oli Hall that tries to offer a different perspective on the climate crisis - one of an opportunity for a better world.

Much of the dialogue on the climate crisis revolves around what we must give up, what we must stop to avert disaster. We will undoubtedly have to give up some aspects of our current lifestyles, but tackling climate change is also an enormous opportunity to build a better, brighter, more equitable world. One where technology helps us overcome our weaknesses whilst letting the best of our human nature shine through.

I send out weekly climate news digests, along with semi-regular deep-dives into the technologies, methodologies and ideas that can make our world a better place.

It has been pointed out to me the URL can be read as ‘forget the future’, which is rather more bleak than intended, but at this point it’s been that way for long enough I’m leaving it as an easter egg!

Oli Hall

Oli is a recovering software engineer with a passion for green technology and human nature. Forge the Future is part of his attempts to avoid selling out to the Silicon Valley gods and work on climate change full time.